Scientific Meeting 26 June 2023



This year's Scientific Meeting will be held at Mary Ward House in London on Monday 26th June. The morning session will be focusing on the innovative work undertaken here in the UK; with the development of a new assay to screen for MLD; a computer vision approach to assess blood spot quality and outcomes of IMD patients diagnosed as part of newborn screening. The afternoon session will focus on false positive screening results and we will be hearing about; the impact on parents who received a false positive screening result; how best to communicate screen positive results and strategies that could be used to decrease false positive results.

Like last year this is a face to face meeting and is a great opportunity to meet with colleagues to enhance our understanding of newborn screening and how we maintain the benefits as well as minimising the harms associated with screening.

The programme for the meeting can be found on this page.

For further information please contact UKNSLN via the Contact email on the About page.


Mary Ward House, London



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